Diversified Partners CRE | Michelle Cheverie
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Michelle Cheverie


Michelle Cheverie has been working with real estate clients in Arizona for over 11 years. A personable and knowledgeable agent with experience to buy or lease commercial, investment or residential properties.

Born and raised in Ontario Canada, Michelle’s family was in the bar and restaurant industry where she learned at an early age the importance of hard work and promoting a self starter/ entrepreneurial spirit. This philosophy has been incorporated into her career choices.

Prior to earning her Real Estate license in 2005, Michelle was in the sales and marketing industry. She has worked with several Fortune 500 companies including McDonald’s, Disney and KFC/Taco Bell. She has experience in international business, conducting trainings and sales presentations in Canada and Mexico, as well as the U.S.

Michelle believes in supporting the Real Estate community and belongs to and works closely with the Scottsdale Commercial Committee.